Narrow Path Photography was born out of a dreamy Oregon beach walk, round about 2005. My husband Walter and I shared hard-won life lessons and unrealized passions for the art of photography. We dreamt of turning it all into a business creating photographs that would help couples stay together when times got tough. So we bought our Canon 5Ds, our first Mac and Lightroom and studied, mentored and honed our craft, while we brought two children into the world.

Times got tough, but we endured. Then, in 2012, Walter had to leave this earth. But, our fledgeling Narrow Path Photography gave our children everything they needed to know about how much their daddy loves them. They can see it.

Narrow Path Photography lives on through me. I strive to artistically express human connection and love with narrative photography. I specialize in weddings and engagements, families and businesses. I welcome commissioned projects.

I shoot weddings and engagements with a journalist’s eye for detail (WWU journalism class of ’94), the overarching storyline, and intimate moments that shore up the foundation cementing two lives together. Family storytelling gives me the opportunity to highlight the unique role of every family member, the special connections between them, and the subtle nuances of their lives together. My business website and headshot work is professionally and personally crafted to touch the hearts of the communities you’re reaching out to serve.

© Irina Negrean Photography

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