wedding photography

Wedding Portraits

You can let go and be fully present, knowing I’ll hang on your every move, ready to capture it … all the joy and romance (or mishaps and laughs – frequently both), on stage and behind the scenes. With a journalist’s eye and a shadow’s presence, I will immortalize your time together, capturing photographs of this new season in your lives. These are moments you’ll want to relive forever, to bring your love to the forefront of your minds and hearts, no matter what tomorrow brings.

Your Community, Your Story

Your people are vital players in your story. I’ll be watching for candid moments of connection, on this day when so many of your community is surrounding you with love.


Planning a wedding with nature as your church, the birds as your witnesses? I can’t think of a better place to live than the Pacific Northwest for (adventure) elopements (our rainforest climate adds that element of adventure, no matter how far or near you’re trekking!). Beauty abounds, from Vancouver’s Leverich Park to the Cascade Locks. Planning an (adventure) elopement? Let’s talk!

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